Home Loan Market share in India ( HDFC, DHFL, SBI and PNB Housing )


Home loans are a way to relish the dream of owning a home of your own. With the increase in the demands and needs of housing, there is an increase in the financial helping hands through various lending agencies in the form of banks and Non-banking financial institutions. The demands of home loans are ever increasing and with several private and public sector lenders into the field, the competition to grab customers is on the cards and thus promises of better and faster services for home loans is being given by banks and other lenders. Here are the details of some agencies involved in the home loans.

HDFC Home Loan

HDFC Banks, the largest private sector bank and a pioneer in the field of home loans offers tailor made home loan solution for all applicants in the form of salaried professionals, self employed professionals and self employed non professionals.

Interest Rate

The interest rates for home loans at HDFC Banks stands currently at 9.45% to 9.95% for all loan amount for men in case of adjustable rates of interest, while the interest rates for women stands at 9.4% to 9.9%, in an effort to motivate women towards becoming home owners. In case of fixed rates of interest or trufixed loan 2 & 3 Year Fixed Rate Variant, the same is 9.55% to 10.05% for men and 9.50% to 10.00% for women. Under TruFixed Loan – 10 Year Fixed Rate Variant, the rates of interest are 9.75% to 10.25% and 9.7% to 10.2% for men and wome10 lesser known home loan rejection causes resp.

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Market Share and Total disbursement in 2015

Based on Reserve Bank figures, HDFC Bank has reported an 18.8% increase in outstanding housing loans to Rs 7,46,800 crore for the fiscal which ended March 2016 whereas the industry, which accounts for 41 per cent of total outstanding credit, showed only 2.7 per cent growth in credit off take. As per market reports, HDFC Holds a share of around 16.6% in the housing finance market with the loan amount of around 176000 crores.

DHFL Home Loan

DHFL Home Loan is one of the leading Housing Finance Company in India having a lending experience of over 32 years. With the nationwide presence having their branches at over 550 locations, the DHFL is one of the widely availed private lenders for home loans.

Interest Rate

The interest rates for home loans at DHFL stand currently at 9.55%.
Market Share and Total disbursement in 2015
In 2015-16, DHFL had disbursed home loans worth Rs. 25,000 crore, said Wadhawan, who was in the Capital for a road show on the company’s first-ever non-convertible debentures (NCD) public issue, which is slated to open on August 3. The market share of DHFL is 3.7% with the loan amount of around 38964 crores.

SBI Home Loan

State Bank of India, the biggest public sector bank in the country is one of the favorite one stop destinations for various financial needs of the people. Being designated as the largest and one of the easiest reachable banks with numerous branches spread all over the country, including rural and urban areas, the state bank of India is the best destination for all sorts of loans including home loans. However, there are some constraints associated with home loans as getting home loans from State Bank of India is not as easy as it goes with other banks. The verification process for the property etc is much harder and thus can be a little tiresome for the person seeking home loans.

Interest Rate

The rates of interest for SBI Home loans differs based on gender and loan amount. While, for women, the rate of interest is 9.25% irrespective of loan amount, the same goes at 9.30% for others. The Max gain above Rs. 20 lacs & upto Rs. 1 crore for women is 9.35%, while the same stands at 9.40% in case of others. The Max gain above Rs. 1 crore is 9.60% for women and for others stands at 9.65%.

Market Share and Total disbursement in 2015

The market share for state bank of India home loans stands at 16.2%, just behind HDFC Banks. The total loan amount as per market claims stands at 1,70,899 crores.

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PNB Housing Home Loan

PNB Housing Home Loan is just an option for the people seeking home loans. PNB Housing Home Loan is for purchase, construction and extension of dwelling units. There are several advantages associated with PNB Housing scheme. It provides a wide extensive range of home loan products in the form of Home Purchase Loans, Home Extension Loans, Home Construction Loans, Home Improvement Loans and Plot Loans.

Interest Rate

PNB Housing offers floating rate of interest along with a fixed rate of interest. The floating rate of interest for salaried professionals is 9.55%, while it stands for 9.55% – 10.55% for Self Employed Professionals and for Self Employed Non Professionals, the rates is 9.80%-11.30%. Under the fixed rates of interest, PNB Housing offers 3 year, 5 year & 10 year Fixed Rate Scheme. For Salaried & Self Employed Professionals, under scheme ‘Fixed for 3 years’, the rate is 9.50% – 10.50%, while under ‘Fixed for 5 years’, the rates of interest is 9.50% – 10.50%. Under the scheme ‘Fixed for 10 years’, the rate stands at 9.75% – 10.75%. For Self Employed Non-professionals, the rates are 9.75%- 11.25%, 9.75%- 11.25% and 9.95% – 11.45% resp.

Market Share and Total disbursement in 2015

Punjab National Bank posted gross NPAs of 8.47 per cent as of December 2015. The bank’s home loan segment showed a growth of 26.83 per cent to Rs 25,061 crore till December.

There are several options available in the market for the people who are searching financial help for home purchase. With the availability of several private and public sector banks and several private lenders, there is no dearth of options for people looking for Home loans. Just make up your mind over the property and identify the best deals being offered by the lenders and buy a home of your dreams.

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