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axis bank home loan

Just another private sector bank, which has a good presence among the customers and has established a brand of themselves among people across the country, Axis Bank claims to provide home loans to the people with ease.

Features of Axis Bank home loan

Quickly jumping on the features of Axis Bank home loan, we can say that the Axis Bank offers affordable and flexible housing loans, thus providing with the people a chance to become home owners and turn their dream of owning a home, into a reality. Some features of Axis Bank home loan are as follows:
Attractive interest rates: With attractive interest rates, the Axis Banks offer you affordable and cheaper options of home loans thus providing a feel good factor to your pocket.

Flexible rates : The flexible rates of interest on the name of fixed rates of interest and variable or floating rates of interest are two options for the people looking for home loans through Axis Bank

Doorstep service : Stay at your home and our representative will arrive at your door for the entire loan process. Just a perfect for a busy people!
Nil prepayment charges: Valid only on floating interest rate Home Loans, there are no prepayment charges as applicable in the case of Home loans through Axis Banks.

Quick and transparent processing : All the processing of the banks home loans is clear and transparent, and while the entire processing is done, the entire processing is done in a transparent way.

Balance transfer facility : The bank also provides an option for the people who are looking for an alternate in case they are not satisfied with their existing Home Loan provider. The customers can transfer their Home Loan to Axis Banks without any hassles.
Longer tenure for smaller EMIs: With Axis Banks, you can avail a home loan with up to 30 years tenure, thus providing you with the benefit of paying less EMI per month.

Eligibility criteria : The bank offers home loans to the variety of individuals who are seeking for a home loan. The Home loan eligibility criteria of Axis Bank are determined by various factors such as income, employment status, tenure and so on. The bank claims to provide affordable housing loans to as many individuals and families as possible.

EMI Calculator : The EMI Calculator through Axis Banks is an easy to operate calculator for the people looking for the home loans and thus determine the exact amount of EMIs they have to pay each month for the Home loans.

Documentation required : The Axis Banks claims utilizing the minimum documentation for the home loans in order to ensure easy and convenient loans approval to the people. With the documents like proof of your identity, address, income and so on, the documentation required by the banks is kept any minimum. As soon as you submit your documents, getting an Axis Bank loan is a quick and easy process.

Get Home loans through Axis bank and live a happy and secured life at your own home!

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