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Hyderabad, the 4th most populous city of India and 6th most urban agglomeration in the country, is the capital city of newly formed state of Telangana. The real estate of Hyderabad is as always a rising one with the city always been a hub for various reasons; cultural, educational, tourists and employment. Known as the Pearl City of India, the city is also called as Hi-Tech City or Cyberabad because of the reason that many technology firms have major offices in the city. Located in the Tier 2 city list of Indian Cities, the city is one of the favorite choices for IT Workers or professionals.

Real Estate Scenario of Hyderabad

The real estate market of Hyderabad has always been in a high demand and considering both commercial and Residential Real Estate in Hyderabad, there is less stringent building height restrictions and other restrictions on acquisition of land in the city. The demand of the properties is increasing and this demand is rising at a greater pace owing to the IT Industry and services sector in the city. With many projects already passed in the city and several road programs which are expected to raise the real estate prices in the city, the prices of the property in the rise and the days are near when owing a flat or home of own will be very difficult task. The metro rail construction work is going on in the city and when Hyderabad metro rail is completed, it is expected to carry 1.5 million passengers, raising real estate prices in areas around metro transit corridors.

There are several popular high rise localities in the city which claims huge pricing and when it comes to the normal buyers, the focus should be on the other areas, where the prices drift around 3000-4500 brackets. Home loans Hyderabad entirely focuses on the people aiming to gather information on home loans for property buying in Hyderabad and thus coordinates them in a best way in order to provide them the best solutions to meet their needs and demands.
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