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Buying a home of your own is not a task of a single day, but involves research and best judgment. As Kolkata lies in the Tier 1 Classification of Indian cities, the population of the city is huge and thus making it a bit difficult for the people to search for the best matched home with the budget. As Kolkata is one of the primary metros of the country, the Real Estate market of the city is very lively. Kolkata has been recognized as one of the important centers of education, commercial and cultural aspects of the country. The real estate market of the city has grown by around 11% with each year and infrastructure facilities like metro rails has affected the real estate market of the city in a tremendous way.

While most of the rates of the residential properties vary from Rs. 3500 to Rs. 6000, the buying of a home of your own is not an easy task until you take the facility of a Home Loan in Kolkata.

Everything you need to know about Home Loan Kolkata

Before making a decision on Home Loans Kolkata, you must know all aspects of it. As the cons of it are nothing (only with a thing, that you must be assured enough to pay EMIs regularly and must know your future plans and source of income), there are many other factors which a person needs to know, before deciding finally on the Loan scheme.

Understand every aspect of Tax Benefits

Understanding on how you save your taxes with the Home Loans is one of the best ways to save quite a good amount. Under the dictates of the Income Tax Act, you can claim benefits under Section 24 on the interest payment you make.

Choose the right Home Loan

Making a decision on right home loan is utmost important just as buying a home for you. Choose the right lender, understand the convenience offered, understand the interest rate component, know about bullet payment, know all details on balance payment and understand your rights regarding pre payment conditions.

Understand what is Home Loan Eligibility

Understanding home eligibility is one important factor, which makes you aware on how can your loan application gets rejected and what are your chances for the loan applications to get approved.

Understanding of CIBIL Score

A CIBIL score is an individual’s financial stability, and helps lenders assess their financial credibility. CIBIL is India’s first credit information bureau, which is a repository of information of repayment track record on your loans and credit cards.

Reasons for disapproval of loan application

There may be several reasons for the disapproval of your loan application which includes not enough income, bad CIBIL Score or ongoing EMIs.

Pre closure of Bank Loan

Understand your rights regarding pre closure of bank loan as pre payments can save lot of interest amount.
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